Isn’t it all About the Kids

Shouldn’t kids sports be all about them? I think it should be, but in the endless debate on whether or not winning or losing matters and how hard parents should push their kids. The kids opinions seem to get left out. According to a study done last year from George Washington University said that the number one reason kids stop playing sports is because they are no longer fun. For Amanda Visik, the researcher, this answer was not good enough and she set out to try and determine what made the sports fun or not fun. The number one thing that kids said made sports fun was trying your best. This is a good point because even when you lose but you know you gave it your all that is still something you can hang your hat on. The number one thing that t=kids said made sports not fun was parents and coaches focusing too much on what was done wrong instead of the good things they were able to accomplish. As a former athlete this is totally relatable and I can say I struggled with that as well. I had an old football coach that said, “All it takes is one wrong to delete a whole page of rights”. This bothered me for a while because we are humans and everyone makes mistakes, but in the end he was right. In life yes sometimes the things we do right are remembered but more often then not it is when we do wrong that everyone has something to say about it.

Read more into how the kids really feel.

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